International Women's Day: An Ode to the Women I Love


While we all know that in reality every day should be international womens day,  I am not opposed to a celebration. So here I am. 

Connecting deeper to the women in my life has been a main focus of my journey for a few years now. Having finally come into the realization of how important it is for me to have tons of powerful, smart and thriving women in my daily life. 

I was lucky enough to be born to a woman just like this. At times, this was a struggle, as any daughter likely knows. The mother/daughter relationship can be difficult to say the least, and those teen years through late 20's are some of the hardest. But as I continue on my path and wisdom joins me on it, I realize more and more that I really won the mother lottery when it comes to my own. The lessons I have learned from her are invaluable and for that I am forever thankful. 

The women in my life that inspire me go further than the one who brought me earth side, as I am also part of several communities of incredible sisters that have changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. 

In 2015, I made the decision that fear would no longer be a driving force in my life. That I was going to put myself out there, share more of my stories, open my heart to meeting and connecting with new people, and overall just invite abundance and happiness into my life. 

As I searched for other people (thank you internet!) that were already on this path, I found my way to Spirit Weavers Gathering in 2016, and it reset the course of my life forever. In the forest of Mendocino, California I met and connected with 600 incredibly inspired, passionate, fearless, vulnerable, artistic, and amazing women. Sure, I didn't meet all 600 of them, but just being around it, you could feel the power. 

Since then, I have made it a point to spend as much time as possible with women from this community and it has brought abundance in my life that I've never really felt before. Healing has happened. Connection has happened. Friendships have been made. I've become a better friend because of it. It's a truly wonderful thing and I am forever thankful for this too. 

To round it out, I want to give thanks to all of the women in my life who have been there from the jump and also to the ones that are new to my space in the world. I have friends that I have known since I was a very young girl, one since I was just a toddler, women I have met along the way and to this day they are a driving force in my life and some that I have just met that have already made an impact. They have held me up through times that I didn't think I could manage to go on. They have laughed with me when life was so full of joy I felt like my heart could burst. And they have sat around staring at the wall with me when times were just mundane and normal. I love my tribe of women that have nourished my soul for years and years, and I am forever thankful for them as well. 

Women are such a powerful and brilliant force on this planet. We are the healers, the warriors, the vessels of life and while we continue to fight to be seen and heard, we must band together and support one another. The world needs us, and it needs us in our greatest power. 

So cheers to all of you, warrior women, who are here and doing your thing. I hope this blog post finds you well. 

Much love!