Memorial Day Getaways Near Los Angeles

 photo credit: Nadine Wieser

 photo credit: Nadine Wieser

Summer is about to kick off and Memorial Day Weekend is around the corner. 

I feel lucky to live in a beautiful state like California, because the road trips are epic and you can do small vacations throughout the year without breaking the bank. 

Since a lot of people have Memorial Day Weekend off, I thought I'd share some of my favorite places to visit when I only have a few days to travel. 

Dana Point

Head south to Orange County and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Dana Point. With luxury resorts and boutique hotels available, you can make it a splurge or a budget trip while enjoying the gorgeous scenery around you. Whale watching cruises are available too, which is a fun way to get out on the water! 

photo courtesy of Big Bear 

photo courtesy of Big Bear 

Big Bear

If you're looking for a mountain getaway, there's nothing quite like Big Bear. It's SO close to Los Angeles, and there are plenty of summer activities in the area. Mountain biking, kayaking, camping. It's an amazing way to unplug while not being too far from home. 

Courtesy - Joanne DiBona

Courtesy - Joanne DiBona

San Diego

San Diego is another quick trip from LA, and gives you all of the amazing options of a city while having that quaint small town feel. Ditch your car for the weekend and take the Amtrak Surfliner south. If you stay in a central location you can walk, ride a bike or lyft your way through the city. 

Palm Springs

If you're looking for a party vibe, head to Palm Springs Memorial Day Weekend. Some of the best summer pool parties happen there and the retro vibes make it even cooler. Be prepared for that hot desert sun, with temps reaching the 100's during this time of year. 

I am so ready for summer and can't wait to do some exploring with my family and friends. 

Much love!

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