Travel Playlist - What I Listen To When I Travel


Taking a long flight across the world can feel extremely overwhelming and daunting to the first time traveler. Hell, it can even feel daunting to an experienced traveler, but the right playlist can help the time go by much, much faster. 

The longest direct flight I've ever taken was 16 hours long, and today I am sharing the staple albums I have on my phone whenever I travel. 

Sade - The Essentials


For the past 10 years, I have been listening to Sade on any overnight flight I take because her voice soothes me to sleep like no other. I pop on her greatest hits album, and within minutes I am lulled into dreamland. It also keeps me calm during takeoff and landing. 

Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color


One of my favorite albums of all time is Alabama Shakes "Sound & Color." It's an album I can put on and just let it ride. Every song is amazing and it keeps me occupied singing along in my mind. 

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black


This is an album that I will forever hold dear to my heart. I listened to it non-stop in college, it got me through so many crazy times, and it really is a great one to put on and enjoy from start to finish. 

Bob Marley - Legend


This is a great mid-flight album to enjoy. Just when you are starting to think you can't take it anymore, and you are getting antsy, some reggae from the master himself will get you settled back down. 

Kanye West - Life of Pablo


I know he's on a lot of people's shit list right now, and for good reason, but I can't leave this album off my list. Life of Pablo is incredible, and when I know I need to bring my energy back up in preparation of getting off the plane, it's a go to for me. 

When we are getting ready to land, it's full hip hop mode for me. I am exhausted, I am irritable, and I need to feel like a warrior so I start flipping through my downloads to listen to artists like Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliot, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Brockhampton, Eminem, G-Eazy, and the list goes on and on. 

A long flight is like running a marathon, so make sure your music matches. 

What do you like to listen to when you travel? Let me know. 

Much love!

Your friend,