Taking a Break at Pause Float Studio


There are few things in life I enjoy more than a spa day. Who doesn't like that, right? But of course, while I would love to take a full day off for a deep, relaxing experience every single day, it's just not possible. Not only is time limited, but funds can be as well, and it's just not in the cards for me to be the true socialite I am inside. 

Enter, Pause Float Studio in Marina Del Rey. You guys. Seriously. 

The minute you walk in, you feel relaxed. The decor is simple, clean, with earth and water elements accenting the space. 


When you are ready for your treatment, you are lead to your private room to begin. 

Pause Float Studio not only has float tanks, but they also have amazing infrared saunas to get your sweat on and help with all sorts of ailments in your body. I started there, which was amazing. 

In your private room is the sauna, a shower, a small table for your personal belongings and a chair should you need to take a little breather during your session. The sauna itself is so beautiful, and has blue tooth capabilities should you want to connect and listen to your favorite jams. 

The saunas also feature LED color light therapy, also known as chromotherapy. According to their website, color light therapy is a technique of restoring balance by means of applying color to the body. Its history is rooted as far back as the Mayan culture, and has been valued as a remarkable source of healing.

You can go for a 30 min or 60 min session, depending on how much you want to detox for the day. 


After my sauna session, it was time for the float tank!! This hour of bliss was the best I have ever had in a tank. I have been to other ones before, and this set up just took the cake. 

Once again you get a private room so you can take your time and enjoy your space. The tank itself is big and beautiful, with a nice light welcoming you into the water. If you've never floated before, it's a truly unique experience. 

The tank is filled with water that has a large amount of Magnesium Sulfate in it. It is a mineral, which has been shown to help detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, trigger the release of endorphins (happy chemicals), and provide relief for physical, mental, and emotional stress and fatigue.

The large amount of salt allows your body to float without any effort on your part. I find that having my hands gently under my head allows my neck to relax even more, and I go into a deep state of meditation. 

For one hour, you feel completely weightless. Your mind wanders off to different places, and at times I am pretty sure I fell asleep. 

At Pause Float Studio, you have the option of keeping the light on in the tank (which is great for first time floaters) and they provide either a 10 minute guided meditation that is followed by complete silence, or you can have meditation music playing the whole time. Regardless, you have access to control the sound and light, should you want to turn them both off for the full "sensory deprivation" experience. 

When you are done with your treatments, you are given a lovely cup of turmeric and ginger tea to enjoy in their dimly lit lounge. There's even a journal on the table for you to share your thoughts and detail your experience. It was lovely to read what other people had felt. 

Pause Float Studio is for sure a place of healing. You are well taken care of the whole time, and you can tell that thought was put into the experience you will have there. I highly recommend it when you want to give yourself some delicious self care. 

Want to try it for yourself? When you purchase a float session, tell them my name at check in, and you will receive a FREE sauna session during your next visit!

Now it's time for me to eat some delicious food, drink lots of water, and bask in the glory of feeling pain free and happy. 

Much love!

Your friend, 


*disclaimer - I was provided these sessions compliments of Pause Float Studio in exchange for documenting my experience. All thoughts here, however, are my own, and are an honest review of my experience. I would never share something I didn't feel great about!