I Started A Podcast!


It’s true! I’ve joined the thousands of people online who have decided that we need yet ANOTHER place to overshare on the internet!

What can I say? I like story telling. And I worked in radio for a long time. So why not put these blogs and other stories to audio so you can listen to my soothing voice on your morning commute, et al.

The podcast is called “Because I Can” and it’s sort of like an on-air personal journal of sorts. I’m sharing stories like that one time I smoked weed with the Wu Tang Clan, but also going deeper, with my thoughts on love, loss and living on this crazy ass planet.

If you like my writing, why not let me tell it to you out loud?

You can listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and I am super pumped at the idea of using audio as another expression of story telling.

Join me?

Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2Wy1QcR

Sasha Huff