Smoking Weed with the Wu Tang Clan

This is a blog about that time I smoked weed with the Wu Tang Clan. Yes. It’s true.

So this is a story I just couldn’t help but share because it is way too funny and it’s one of my proudest moments in life. It’s about that time I smoked weed with two members of the wu tang clan. 

I moved to Los Angeles from Florida after college. This was about 10 years ago, so I was in my early 20’s and still doing pretty reckless shit because…I could. 

I got a phone call from an old friend in high school that they were going on tour with a group called Brooklyn Zu, a Wu-Tang affiliated band which consisted of members including some of ODB’s younger brothers. They were looking for someone to design merch for them and wanted to see if I had any interest in helping them out. At the time, I was working promotions in radio and had some connects to screen printers, etc. so this was an easy Yes for me. 

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I designed (horribly, btw. I think of that design now and laugh. Oy) the merch, got it printed up and a few months later when they were in California, we met up to hang out and finish the business deal. They asked if I wanted to just chill for the night, go out, eat dinner, blah blah blah and of course I was down. 

The night started out normally, with just my high school friend’s and I, at a local spot I THINK in the valley (my memory isn’t exactly the best from this time LOL) in what I thought was going to be a very low key night. I was in a black tank top, jeans and no make up. My hair in a bun. Like, I was dressed for a night at TGI Fridays, not a night out in hollywood, but you can guess where this is going. 

Cut to us driving down the 101, in their rented Mustang convertible, music blasting smoking a blunt, and I am just like WHAT THE FUCK IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. 

It turned out that Brooklyn Zu, and some members of the Wu Tang Clan were at a bar out in Hollywood, with table service, VIP and we were all invited to go hang out. While I was in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM ready for a night out in Hollywood, I obviously couldn’t say no, so off we went. 

It was a place called Sky Bar, which is a fancy roof top bar at The Standard hotel overlooking all of LA. 

By this point, I was stoned. Not like, chill out stoned, I’m talking like, I should be on a couch, not at a bar kind of stoned. My friends smoked fire shit and I went hit for hit because I am an Airies and a show off, and also kind of dumb. 

Not long after arriving, the drinks started flowing. Pineapple juice and tequila to be exact. So here I am. At a bar filled with GORGEOUS women in tiny dresses, stoned and drunk looking like I just finished running errands for the day. It was so uncomfortable, but I wasn’t there to hook up so I just went with the flow. So I thought. 

Next thing I know, I see RZA walking towards me. He puts his arm around my shoulder, and with a genuine look of concern asked me if I was ok. RZA. From the Wu Tang Clan, was genuinely concerned about my well being. Now, I wasn’t like, nodding off or stumbling around. I was just stoned and blank staring at everyone nearby. Pretty anti-social, and just like, clearly out of place, and my new best friend RZA realized it. 

With a big grin on my face, I looked RZA right in the eyes and said yes. Yes RZA, I’m ok. I’m just really stoned and feel out of place. He responded with words of encouragement. To just have a good time and not worry about it. He smelled like expensive cologne and his outfit looked like it was purchased 15 minutes before he arrived to the party. 

We chatted for a short time before he walked off, leaving me with a lot more confidence than I’d had minutes before. Because when RZA tells you to just enjoy yourself, even if your tank top is stained, you listen. 

But that’s not where it ended. 

I looked over, bopping my way around the VIP area, and saw Ghost Face Killah smoking a blunt with a bunch of people, including my friends that I came with. Now, this part is hazy, because my memory was always that it was GZA that I smoked with, but for some reason, as of late, Ghost Face’s…face comes to my head when I think of this exact moment. So to be fair, I have no idea if it was GZA or Ghost Face, but either way it was a member of the Wu Tang Clan and I was in a circle smoking his blunt. He passed it right to me, I took a hit, and it’s by far one of the strangest, coolest, weirdest, best party memory that I have in life. 

You see, I grew up on the East Coast. My brother introduced me to Wu Tang when I was like, 15 years old. 36 Chambers stayed in my CD player all through high school and college. It’s still on heavy rotation to this day. I just watched their documentary and it re-affirms how insane it is that I ever met any of them, let alone smoked weed with them. I’ve seen them in concert once, and hope to check them out again. Their music has so many memories attached to it, and now that I’ve learned even more about them, I am blown away by what they’ve accomplished. 

I don’t remember how the rest of the night went. I know it ended with me at home, wondering WTF just happened, and sleeping well that night. At one point I thought I was going to tour with Brooklyn Zu as their merch girl, but alas, that never happened. 

Life is a fun mix of totally random and mundane times, and I hold on to the cherished memories of a reckless young woman, because I made it out alive and had a damn good time doing it all. 

And even though I am less reckless…if anyone from WuTang ever offered me a blunt again, I would gladly take it. 

Sasha Huff