Hey! Nice to meet you :) My name is Sasha, and I'm a travel enthusiast, marketing expert, and artist living in Los Angeles, California. My passion for travel has led me all over the world to 14 countries and counting including Japan, Spain, Botswana, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland and more. I LOVE connecting with people about our shared love of exploring the world, learning about new cultures and how best to take care of yourself in an ever changing and many times chaotic world. 

In 2017, I left my 10 year career in radio to pursue life as an entrepreneur. It was scary. It was exciting. I still wonder sometimes if I can make it all work, but I am here, and I am thankful. 

On my website you will find articles about life, art, travel, and all the stories I think are worth sharing.

I'm so happy you found me, and I hope you enjoy your time in my little part of this crazy world wide web.