After learning about natural indigo at an all womens gathering, I became obsessed with plant dye. Seriously. How is it possible that this amazing part of nature can permanently dye fabric? It felt like magic, but really, its the oldest way of creating color known to man. Since that first workshop, I have spent years studying this art, taking workshops with many master dyers, even traveling to Japan to study shibori, an ancient way of binding fabric to create design. I love spending my days in the vat making wearable art for my community. And even more, I love sharing the experience of indigo dyeing with others, which is why I host small gatherings around the country teaching people about the incredible magic that this plant provides. I'd love to meet you at my next event!

Workshop Testimonials

“Talk about peaceful and serene vibes.”

Spending an afternoon learning about the beautiful art of Indigo was incredible! Talk about peaceful and serene vibes! Not only did I get my hands on fabric and dipping in the vat but our amazing instructor Sasha, explained so much about Indigo. From the history behind the plant to it's use for dyes all over the world. I was so entertained by how many ways and techniques there are to tying or folding the fabric to create different patterns! The whole time I was there, I was so happy and relaxed. My favorite part was definitely getting to dip my pieces into the vat! Then the reveal of each piece is so unique, everyone can't help but be super excited for each other. Amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and peaceful adventure!— C.Z.

“Magical and full of surprises”

Sasha's {or Elara Blue's} Indigo Dying Workshop was inspiring, uplifting, magical and full of surprises. Sasha is an inspiring teacher who has so much to share about the ancient art of Indigo dying. I had such a wonderful afternoon with a fun group of women learning about this mesmerizing and truly amazing craft. In short, loved everything about it!

— J.E.

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